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Stuck-Five Awesome Websites For Writing Inspiration

Writing Inspiration

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Writing Inspiration

No matter if you’re a novice writer or an experienced one, there will come a time when you will find it difficult to find something to write about. Instead of succumbing to writer’s block, check out the following five websites for writing inspiration.


Sometimes you need to use the strange truth of others to help inspire creativity in yourself. Postsecret is a website that posts notes sent in by other people containing their anonymous secrets. Sometimes they talk about things they did, such as steal, or sometimes they discuss ways they feel. Either way, this is a great website to check out to help you gain some ideas for what to write about next.

2. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is like the Bible for writers. The website contains all the information and tips you need to not only be inspired to write, but to also help you determine what to write about. This website contains great tips and ideas on how to start writing and how to be productive as well as how to become published or find a literary agent. No matter what type of writing inspiration you need to find, you’ll certainly find it here.


3. Write Attitude

Sometimes the inspiration to write requires you to be motivated to write. Write Attitude is a website that contains a variety of inspirational quotes directly for writers. Some quotes are from other writers while others are from literary agents, publishers or others that deal with writers on a daily basis. These quotes are meant to remind you why you want to write and what to expect when writing, and it can be just the thing you need to light some fire under yourself to get you writing great content.

4. Creative Writing Prompts

Sometimes you simply need something small to kick-start your writing, and Creative Writing Prompts can be just the thing to help you. This website currently has 346 different ideas to help you start writing, ranging from writing about a time you moved to telling you the first sentence of your story. Simply hover over a number and you will see a topic to write about. Even if you don’t incorporate this into your real writing, you can still use it to get the ball rolling and inspire some stories from within.

5. Toasted Cheese Calendar

The Toasted Cheese website has a great deal of information and resources for writers, but the calendar can be a great asset to have on hand when you can’t figure out what to write. This calendar gives you a prompt for every day of the month. The calendar may tell you exactly what to write about, give you a specific sentence to use in your writing, or it may give you a general topic. Either way, the ideas and details found on this calendar will certainly be enough to get you in the habit of writing on a daily basis and may even inspire a story or two. Plus, you can join a weekly chat with other writers to help  you gain inspiration.

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